• Knowledge Quest English is an immersive side-scrolling Role Playing Game that presents core English skills in a way never done previously. Guided by a cast of quirky but unique characters, players get taught core skills in English through a variety of means, from environmental challenges to overcome, to dueling monsters they may encounter on their journeys, and even NAPLAN styled testing all driven by a compelling storyline.
  • To celebrate Play School's 45th birthday, Media Saints produced two new flash games for launch on the Play School site.
  • Alzheimer's Australia's Your Brain Matters program is based on scientific evidence that a number of health and lifestyle factors that we can all do something about are associated with brain function and the risk of developing dementia.
  • Media Saints had the privilege of working on a recent advert for PAX Aus, a three day gaming expo being put on by the lads at Penny Arcade with funding from the Victorian government. It's an exciting time as it's the first time any form of the renowned Penny Arcade Expo has branched out from its home in the United States, and we look forward to the influx of like-minded individuals when the event occurs mid July.
  • Whack-A-Bone for the iPad, is designed to draw beginners into the curious and fascinating world of the skeletal system and guide them toward a commanding recall of all the major bones of the human body.
  • Media Saints worked alongside The Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne to create an educational app for iPhone and iPad to allow children explore the many art and animal installations around the hospital.
  • CarSmart Worksop is designed for workshops from a one man business to the largest workshops, providing web based, self-paced training for the workshop owner, mechanics, apprentices and office personnel.

We tell the heartfelt stories of four individuals as they share about their lives, their families, and what made them into who they are today.

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We worked with Cadbury Australia producing online content to promote their national online video campaigns.

We created two premier flash games to to celebrate the 45th anniversary of ABC's PlaySchool program.

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We worked with one of the biggest educational publishers in the world to create an immersive side-scrolling Role Playing Game that presents core English skills

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We worked with Tourism Victoria and Penny Arcade to promote why Melbourne was chosen for the first ever Penny Arcade Expo Australia

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We work with Film Victoria to explain new funding initiatives when they're launched

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We helped bring the big brands of the Australian automotive industry under one roof to support independent car workshops by providing their expertise and knowledge.

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We created Whack-a-bone, an educational pedagogically sound iPad game that teaches young and old about the major bones of the human body in an engaging way.

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We created the online learning system VCAL Online with the Brotherhood of St Lawrence and St Kilda Youth Services
We created the online learning system VCAL Online with the Brotherhood of St Lawrence and St Kilda Youth Services

We produced six television commercials promoting healthy living as part of Alzheimer's Australia's Your Brain Matters campaign.

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Through ISIS and DBI we partnered with the traditional manufacturing industry sector to optimize business models for the digital economy.

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We created an educational mobile app that let children explore the creative features and creatures at The Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne.

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We created the online marketing campaign behind leading cloud computing company Base2Services

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We created the online instructional videos for FMOD Designer 2012

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We were hired on a number of occasions to direct the live HD broadcast of the Voyages Multicultural concert on Australia Day at Federation Square.

We produced the music video The Call, the latest single from Melbourne-based band The Kingdom.

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We were hired to direct the live HD broadcast for the Port Fairy Folk Music Festival

Watch our recording of John Butler performing 'Ocean'
We directed the Youth Alive main event concert at Melbourne's Hisense Arena.